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Bus Body Certification

We are aware that during the last two decades, there has been an exponential growth in the number of automobiles in India to a greater extent, we are successful in enhancing the safety provisions in all categories of automobiles, except Bus Bodies and Truck Body Built on drive away chassis. We are aware that, Bus Body and Truck Body Building is carried out not only by few well organized sectors but also largely by small scale Industries and even road side garages. There is a need to implement Bus Body code and Bus Body Accreditation System to ensure building of Buses as per the stipulated safety norms.

Able Design is leading independent Bus and Coach Design Engineering Company in India. We provide end to end solutions which include selection of worst condition, 3D modeling, FE analysis and certification from certifying agencies like CIRT and ARAI as per Bus Code, testing and approval for the Body Building of Buses AIS: 052 and testing and approval for the Body Building of School Buses AIS: 063

Roll over analysis

Analysis of the bus structure to simulate a roll over event. Ideally no structural member shall intrude into the survival space defined as per the regulation. The members shall absorb sufficient energy during a roll over event so as to protect the passengers. Hence the roll over study is carried out to check if any member of the bus structure is intruding into the defined survival space.

CG calculation

Calculating the Center of Gravity (CG) position is important for the calculation of Bus performance parameters including all the characteristics and the rollover assessment. Buses must be tested to see that they do not tip over even if the deck is empty or with passengers. The center of gravity affects the stability of the bus body. To ensure that bus is safe, the center of gravity must fall within specified limits.


Window retention test

Window retention test generally carried out to check out the absorbing ability as well as holding capacity of window glazing and its surrounded frame. Each piece of window glazing and each surrounding window frame, when tested in accordance with the procedure, shall be retained by its surrounded structure by a manner that prevents the formation of any opening large enough to admit the passage of a sphere under a force, including the weight of the sphere, until any fluctuations occurs.


Seat Anchorage test

Seats are designed in ergonomic manner for the purpose to achieve the comfort sitting facility for the passenger’s. Seat Anchorage means the system by which the seat assembly is secured to the vehicle structure, including the affected parts of the vehicle structure. The aim of the Seat Anchorage Analysis is to check whether the Anchorage can hold the seat to the vehicle structure when the prescribed load is applied on the seat for a prescribed time. Permanent deformation, including breakage of an anchorage or the surrounding area shall be permitted provided that the prescribed force has been sustained throughout the prescribed period.


  • Study of the project
  • FE modeling
  • Quality & Penetration check
  • Input deck preparation
  • FE analysis
  • Results interpretation & report generation


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